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Lenape Talking Dictionary

Lenape Language Preservation Project

This website is an online learning tool designed to support Lenape language education through its expansive dictionary and language lessons. Its primary function is translating words, sentences, and phrases from English to Lenape or vice versa. Each Lenape item in the search results includes an audio clip of a speaker of Lenape saying the item. In addition to over 17,000 words in the dictionary, the site also includes stories, usage examples, photos, and historical examples. The Lenape Talking Dictionary is the ultimate resource for learning Lenape, the Native American language of the Delaware Tribe of Indians."


“Around the year 1600 the Lenape language was spoken by thousands of people. Now, the remaining speakers who grew up with Lenape as their first language have all left this life.”

In January, 2002, the Lenape Language Preservation Project received a three-year grant from the National Science Foundation to produce a resource dictionary database of Lenape. We then had a database built to create a Lenape Talking Dictionary. Much of the funding has gone to digitizing and preserving our existing audiotapes which were made with native speakers of Lenape.

[...] The Culture section of the Delaware tribal website is located at http://delawaretribe.org/culture-and-language/ and it also has a link to this Dictionary. [...] The main website of the Delaware Tribe of Indians is found at: http://www.delawaretribe.org/tribalsite/.”

– The Lenape Language Preservation Project (http://talk-lenape.org/)

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