Cornelis Zwikker

Date of
August 19, 1900, in Zaandam, Netherlands
Date of
April 20, 1985, in Zwijndrecht, Netherlands

Cornelis Zwikker was a Dutch physicist and one of the initiators of the Dutch Sound Foundation. After studying chemistry, mathematics, and physics in Amsterdam, he worked with Philips in Eindhoven until 1929, when he was appointed professor of theoretical and applied physics at the Delft University of Technology. Zwikker was responsible for the acoustic design of many buildings, among them the studios of the Dutch broadcasting organization AVRO.



Prof. dr. Cornelis Zwikker (1900–1985). Profile compiled by the Dutch genealogical society “Ons Voorgeslacht” on the basis of Nagtegaal, H. K., Genealogische en Historische Encyclopedie van Delft (Delft: Prometheus, 1988), 2:247–248.

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