With Camera and Record throughout England, 13 Discs



  1. Paddington Station-London, D1
  2. At Paddington Station - Conversation, D1
  3. A Railway Excursion, D2
  4. Fleet Street, D3
  5. Fleet Street - Conversation, D3
  6. The London Underground Railways, D4
  7. The London Underground Railways - Conversation, D4
  8. Buying a Hat, D4
  9. Buying a Hat - Conversation, D4
  10. The Most Popular Man in the World, D5
  11. At the Post-Office - Conversation, D5
  12. A London Pavement Artist, D5
  13. Proverbs, D13
  14. The Aerial Pageant at Hendon, D6
  15. The Aerial Pageant - Conversation, D6
  16. The Bank of England and the Royal Exchange, D7
  17. The Bank of England - Conversation, D8
  18. The Opening of Parliament, D7
  19. The Opening of Parliament - Conversation, D8
  20. The Tower of London and Tower Bridge, D9
  21. The Tower of London and Tower Bridge - Conversation, D9
  22. St. Paul's Cathedral, D10
  23. St. Paul's Cathedral - Conversation, D10
  24. The Houses of Parliament, D10
  25. The Houses of Parliament - Conversation, D 8
  26. The Motor Show at Olympia, D11
  27. Christmas in England, D11
  28. Christmas in England - Conversation, D11
  29. Lunch at "The Cheshire Cheese", D12
  30. Lunch - Conversation, D12
  31. At the Seaside (I), D12
  32. At the Seaside - Conversation, D12
  33. At the Seaside (II), D13
  34. Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese - (Bill of Fare), Annex
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