Demonstration videos from the Fondazione Scienza e Tecnica in Florence


The videos illustrate several disciplines of classical physics. For the physics of sound, some of the most common demonstrations of nineteenth-century acoustics were filmed. This discipline experienced rapid development during the nineteenth century, both theoretically and experimentally. A large number of research and demonstration devices were introduced during the second half of the century by Rudolph Koenig, a famous instrument maker and pioneer of acoustics. Most of these instruments, however, were abandoned in the first decades of the twentieth century, when more efficient electroacoustic apparatus (such as frequency generators, loudspeakers, and oscilloscopes) were invented.


Manometric capsule, resonance, Koenig sound analyzer

Recording the vibrations of tuning forks

Demonstration of a disk siren

Sounds, vibrations, and Marloye’s harp

Vibrations of plates, Chladni's figures

Lissajous’s figures, Wheatstone apparatus for compounding two orthogonal oscillations

Speaking arc and singing arc

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