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Nederlands Akoestisch Genootschap [Dutch Acoustical Society] Archives


Explanatory Note and Acknowledgments:


The archival documents concerning the history of the Geluidstichting (Sound Foundation) and Nederlands Akoestisch Genootschap (Dutch Society for Acoustics) in the “Sound & Science” database include a digitized selection of the documents held at the archives of the Nederlands Akoestisch Genootschap (located at the office of M+P Consultants, Vught, The Netherlands). The sequence of the selected and digitized documents follows that of the original paper archive, but the numbering of the digitized documents has been added by us to facilitate digital storage. The dates of the newspaper clippings in the archive were tracked down using the online retrieval system for Dutch newspapers, magazines, and books, www.delpher.nl.


We would like to express our gratitude to the Board of the Nederlands Akoestisch Genootschap (NAG), Gijsjan van Blokland (chair NAG and senior consultant at M+P Raadgevende Ingenieurs, Vught, The Netherlands), and M+P managing director Jan Hooghwerff for their excellent help in making the digitization possible. We would also like to thank Karin Bijsterveld for selecting and describing the documents, and Jonathan Haid for doing the actual digitization work.

Files register:

The following files are available in digital form:

Publicaties van de Geluidstichting [Publications of the Sound Foundation] 1-67 

Jaarverslagen van de Geluidstichting en het Nederlands Akoestisch Genootschap [Annual Reports of the Sound Foundation and the Dutch Society for Acoustics]

NAG ICA (International Commission for Acoustics)

Geluidstichting correspondence 1933-1934 oprichting [Sound Foundation, corr. 1933-1934 formation]

Anti Lawaai Actie 1 [Noise Abatement Campaign 1]

Anti Lawaai Actie 2 [Noise Abatement Campaign 2]

Anti Lawaai Actie 3 [Noise Abatement Campaign 3]


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